Sophia is a badass powerhouse beauty. She’s an esthetician with amazing style and kickass confidence. She is so fun to work with, and this session from last fall gave me life. All of the outfits were clothes thrifted and styled by Kaliopasi Vaitai (@klap800) and Sophia rocked them perfectly. We spent the sunny fall afternoon shooting around Exchange Place downtown and this was my first time in a looooooooong time where I shot for fun and for inspiration. And not only did I need it, it also triggered many more, much needed styled shoots. I’ve learned so much photographing new styles, new lighting, and so many stunning humans. 

I’ve learned so much about what society deems “beautiful” this year and I’ve made it my mission to not only prove that wrong, but change it. I too, am guilty of conforming to these standards of beauty. And the moment I released these false expectations(that negatively effect ALL of us), I was completely free to create so much more authentically. This year has been solid growth this year, and it’s been so freaking amazing. 

This is the first of many more amazing shoots that fed my soul. Stay tuned for more. Xx  

Kylee Wilson