kayla + ethan | silver lake formals

The more I shoot at this location, the more I love it. I seriously had never shot here before until this year, through all the years I've been shooting(going on 5 by the way!!). Kayla & Ethan were troopers hiking up the mountainside to get on top of that rock in their wedding attire and all. This was my first colder session of the year, and for once I came prepared with my patagonia coat AND GLOVES. I was so proud of myself. 

I rarely(I mean never) shoot at two locations so far away in the same day. I just like to make sure I get the most of the best lighting during the session and leaving means giving up a good chunk of that lighting. But Kayla really wanted to get some at the temple too, and I live across the street from temple square, so I thought, what the heck, if we shot early enough at Silver Lake we could probably make this work. Turns out, even two hours early barely gave us enough time but I'm still really glad that we did do both because the results were wonderful. 

Kayla ended up being a bit late after a dress mishap. But with us being so early to make two locations, it worked out just fine. We did a first look at the beginning of the session, and Kayla asked me to hand Ethan a card to read before she turned him around. This was the cutest thing and I'm so lucky I got to photograph it. 

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