graden + courtney | porcupine dam engagements

I love when my couples take me to new places. It makes my heart happy, and it gives me one less thing to do when planning the session. We spent an evening up at Porcupine Dam, which is privately owned but open to the public, in Cache Valley. I had never even been remotely near this area of Utah and it was awesome to go exploring on the back roads and end up at this little secret damn with beautiful water and gorgeous scenery. We just moseyed around and enjoyed the evening. Courtney brought her fur kid too, which as you all know, is my favorite! And she was such a good pup, she even used her tricks to show off moms engagement ring. 

After the session they dropped me off at my car, and I asked to snag a few more quick photos with the gorgeous sunset light and the lake behind them. Perfect ending to this engagement session.