baby wilson | maternity

This beautiful session was a long time coming. I’ve talked about it briefly on my Instagram, but damn I am so happy for these two. I have been friends with Kylee and Alec since high school. Since then, I’ve known Kylee wanted to be a mama. She was READY. After photographing their beautiful wedding in Oregon, I knew that was their next move, Baby Wilson. After a long while of trying for their babe, they decided to go the IVF route. I was alongside their journey, photographing many of the milestones and progress. I was there when they got the call after their first round of IVF, when Kylee was kinda sorta pregnant, and I was there when they tried again and again. I was there to document injections and routines and heartache and hope. While this journey made my heart ache for them, it also made me admire them even more. They were so strong. They wore armor and got each other through it, which eventually (and finally) got them to this day!

This day when I was finally able to photograph their maternity session, with Kylee 8 month pregnant with their beautiful Baby Amelia. This was such a good day.

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